Zeppelin L48


Above: L48 landing at Nordholz May 1917 ..above is L16 a station training ship

Above: in the far distance centre here at Nordholz is the double revoving shed "Normann" that housed the L48


Above: L48 is walked towards her shed at Nordholz..Eichler may be the officer leading her. 

L48 on trial at Friedrichshafen May 1917, smoke from port midships engine backfire

Above: "Inside the Gondola" 

Above: Saundby Attacks

Above: Start of the death dive


 Above: The Brock-Pomeroy special ammunition ignites the gasbags





Above: The Timewatch team start their dig in the Zeppelin Field





Above: Painstaking excavations

Above: The first haul of fragments

                                                              Above: Mounted remains

Above & below: My phonecard telling the true story of her locating