Rectors of St Peter's

14Rectors of St. Peter’s Theberton

1305    Richard de Dodyngtone

1306    Le Bygod

1307    John de Framlingham

1307    John de Trydian

1312    Lawrence de Rustene

1316    William de Neupert

1330    Robert de Warham

1349    Bartholomew de Salle

1351    Roger de Eccleshall

1361    Robert de Iselham

1374    Robert de Dersham

1392    John de Dersham

1401    Richard Herman

1408    John Pethagh

1409    Henry Leycestre

1414    Hugo Sprot

1418    Clement Biythburgh

1436    Nicholas Craton

1437    John Geyst

1438    John Doonwych

1445    John Hert

1450    Thomas Joye

1456    Thomas Herberd

1488    Henricus Guerdon

1504    Thomas Went

1518    Robert Folkelynge

1530    Robert Folkelynge

1554    Joannes Maysteman

1570    Robert Page

1585    Reginald Plummer, M.A.

1626    William Fenn (sequestered 1644 – died 1651)

1645    John Carey, B.A.

1666-1668       living sequestered

1669    John Hacket

1683    Robert Wychingham

1724    Robert Wychingham (son of namesake above)

1730    Robert Wychingham (also Vicar of Westleton)

1737    Benjamin Taylor (also Vicar of Darsham)

1748    James Benet, M.A. (also Vicar of Aldeborough)

1756    John Whittington, M.A. (also Curate of Sudbourne and Orford)

1771    James Benet (also Vicar (also Vivar of Aldeborough, and sometime Rector of Dennington)

1792    William Wyatt (also Rector of Framlingham with Saxted)

1814    John Carleton, D.D. (also Chapin-in-Ordinary to the King)

1819    Thomas Strong, M.A.

1841    Henry Hardinge

1865    William Bradstreet

1881    George Watson

1889    J.C. Stewart Mathias

1891    James Isaacson

1922    Thomas J. Bayly, M.A.

1935    W.J. Watson, B.A.

1946    K.C. McPherson, M.A.

1952    J.R. Chapman, M.A.

1954    J.W.H.K. Greenway (also Rector of Middleton-with-Fordley from 1959)

1964    C. Ralph, M.A. (also Rector of Middleton-with-Fordley)

1982    H.W. Johnson, M.A. (Priest-in-Charge)

1985    P.J. Burgoyne, OBE, QHC, BSc, RN (Rector of the Benefice of ‘Kelsale-cum-Carlton, Middleton-cum-Fordley, & Theberton with Eastbridge)

1991    Canon Roger Smith (Rector of the above Benefice)

2005    Canon Richard Ginn (Vicar of the New Confederation of Darsham, Dunwich, Middleton-cum-Fordley, Peasenhall, Sibton, Theberton with Eastbridge, Westleton, & Yoxford)

2014    Canon Christine Redgrave (Rector & Rural Dean of the above Benefice)

In 1983 the P.C.C decided to erect on the name wall a list of Rectors. It was inscribed voluntarily by Nancie Pelling of Reydon.

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