Recent Restoration

Extensive repair and restoration work was undertaken in the Doughty Chapel and to its roof during the interregnum (following retirement of Rev. C. Ralph) at a cost of some £30,000. Thirty years previously, in 1952, the chapel roof had been aspha1ted and the lead sold, partly to avoid
risk of its theft.

Major Restoration & Changes 1990-2006

The west-end walls, either side of the tower, were "knocked-out", restored and re-pointed (early 1990's). Following this a major change took place, initiated by Canon Roger Smith, namely the Henry Jones Organ and the pew-surrounds were removed, and the West End area levelled with the
present Hill Organ from St. John's Woodbridge then installed at a cost of £10,000. The work was completed in 2004. The earlier Henry Jones "Practice" Organ had no pedal stop and was considered inadequate for Church Services. (See P.6). As a result of this initiative the West-End area is much improved allowing space for Baptisms and General Fellowship after Services. Also, at this time, the North Wall, extending from behind the "new" organ to the pulpit area was also restored, cleaned and re-painted.

Other Minor Changes and additions to the Fabric have included:

Restoration of the Church Ridge Thatch in the early 90's, extensive re-wiring of the Heating System, new Interior Lighting, new Floodlighting (2000), new Interior Curtains behind the main doors, restoration of Porch Interior particularly the Gates (2002), modernisation of the cupboards in
the Vestry and introduction of a Hearing Loop with Speaker System (2006). The lovely rug in the Vestry was made and gifted to Theberton by Canon Smith.

Restoration & Changes 2006 – 2018

During 2007 work took place on the church interior with redecoration, and stonework over arches being revealed. This was followed by the thatched ridge being renewed.

In 2017 further rewiring took place together with the installation of a more efficient pew heating system.