William Light

 A letter from Australia.........

 Hello dear Therberton folk, I am doing a script on the Life of William Light.I live in outback South Australia.
If anyone has any further information on young william the child thatwould be great...anything that gives us clues
 as to how he managed those years after he arrived from Penang.

 The Doughtys sound like such a lovely family, Anne and George did a great job raising the lad.

Perhaps this request could be put in the local paper or mentioned by thevicar during the sunday service.

Many thanks, Nigel Carney PO Box 33 Leigh Creek, SA5731, Australia.
  When the film goes to production I will see if I can get over for a visit.
Perhaps you could assist by posting this link on the website.
William Light Founder of Adelaide


There is a far more comprehensive story of the journey and his discoveries click below 
Bound for South Australia


Portrait of Col. William Light by George Webb

Above: William Light by George Jones 1815 National Portrait Gallery
Above: Self Portrait
Above: Self portrait on his deathbed
Above: Light on his deathbed by Skipper
Above : Mary Bennet, Light's second wife [left]
Above: Light's Memorial
A modern view of his monument
Light is buried below the monument..here is his plaque
The unveiling of Light's Memorial
Above: Light's Memorial
Above & below statue of Light in Light Square Adelaide 
Model of the brig Rapid that Light sailed to Australia
Above & below: this is the point where Light started his survey of the land to found Adelaide
Above: Museum display of Light
Above: Light's Statue in the 50s
Above: Statue of Light's father Francis  in Penang
Light's House






Just before demolition


                                            Click here to see Light's paintings 

                                        Many of which can be seen in this book