The Lion Inn

 Photos of the Lion Inn Theberton

Above : an old aerial view. Note the outbuildings on the left

Above : another old aerial view from the Churchtower.


Above : Mark Cavendish [rainbow vest] Tour of Britain September 2012

Above : Year unknown..any ideas/names ? 

Above : Lion quoits team 1927

Jimmy Pulford.Percy Smith

P.Lumpkin.H.Flory.F.Lumpkin.S.Flory.Jumbo Brightwell

J.Gissing.F.Howard.Pudding Howard.Nabs Howard.Bob Brightwell

Above : 1948 ?




Above : x Alexander.Jack Taylor.xEdmunds.les Lumpkin.Edgar Button.xTrumpter?

Jack Woodard.Jimmy Coates

Front row :XAndrews.Ted Gissing.Didler Ford.Jumbo Brightwell.Les Ladbroke.Dudley Gissing


 Above : The Lion in Winter..[year ?]


2 photos above : 2003 fete parade assembles

 Above : The old patio sheltered by the grape vine